Woof! Zynga teases FrontierVille Dog House feature

Dog House
Dog House

Unfortunately, we doubt this dog will be much of a drinker. Zynga posted this message today on its FrontierVille Facebook page: "Woof! Looks like a new friend is moving in. Stay tuned." Well, I guess the cat--er, dog is out of the bag. (They've never been too great in the hint department.) It's unknown when this feature will be released nor do we know how a dog will fit into the grand scheme of things on the homestead.

But we do know that it will more than likely be awesome. How could it not? It fills the void every new set of parents feel: The need to care for a creature that doesn't talk back. Though, house training isn't exactly fun the second, third or fourth time around. Things are about to get hairy on the homestead, so stay tuned.

What do you think this new addition to your family will be like? Are you excited for yet another family member? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.

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