Gas Prices Down a Penny in Weekly Survey

gas pump in a carNational gas prices slipped a penny from last week, although with prices bouncing around as much as a pinball machine, you might not actually see it in your neighborhood.

The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report for Monday, March 21, shows the national average price for a gallon for regular gas is $3.54, down from $3.55 a week ago. It cost $3.16 a month ago and $2.82 a year ago.Here are prices for a gallon of regular unleaded gas at 10 major cities across the country. The first price is from the AAA report, and the second is what, one of our favorite ways to find cheap gas, has for the lowest price in the city:
  • New York, N.Y.: $3.81 from AAA, $3.39 from GasBuddy.
  • Los Angeles, Calif.: $3.97 average and $3.79 is lowest price found.
  • Chicago, Ill.: $3.74 average and $3.59 lowest.
  • Houston, Texas: $3.43 average and $3.28 lowest.
  • Phoenix, Ariz.: $3.52 average and $3.39 lowest.
  • Philadelphia, Pa.: $3.56 average and $3.43 lowest.
  • Detroit, Mich.: $3.54 average and $3.36 lowest.
  • Jacksonville, Fla.: $3.50 average and $3.36 lowest.
  • Indianapolis, Ind.: $3.56 average and $3.35 lowest.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: $4.02 average and $3.86 lowest.
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