SUV Crashes Into TV News Reporter

SUV Crashes It's never a great idea for a TV sports reporter to plant himself on a street to do a live report. San Diego's ABC 10 reporter Ben Higgins found that out the hard way, when an SUV backed right into him during his report on the NCAA tournament. He was unhurt by the incident, and except for a surprised "whoa!" he smoothly continued right on with his news.

Why the cameraman or crew members who were shooting the incident didn't alert Higgins that an SUV was coming at him is unclear. They were doing their report live from Tucson, Ariz., where the San Diego State Aztecs had just won their first NCAA tournament game in school history.

Higgins, the station's sports director, was standing in front of a sign that appeared to be on campus. As he started his report, viewers could see a white van, in the left-hand corner of the screen, start backing directly toward him. Perhaps the van was electric, but in any case, Higgins didn't appear to notice the vehicle until it bumped into him. A member of the news crew had to bang on the SUV to get it to stop.

Maybe the driver was an angry University of Northern Colorado fan? The Aztecs had just posted a 68-50 win over that team.

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