Microsoft video: Social is the future of Windows, Xbox, mobile gaming


As if the folks in Redmond, Wash. had a choice. This leaked internal Microsoft video reveals the company's vision for the future of gaming on its Xbox, Windows and mobile platforms. Two words pretty much sum up the gist of it: social gaming. As we all know, this emergent genre has spun the entire industry on its head. That said, it's time that not only traditional game designers adapt, but hardware and interface designers as well. In Microsoft's perfect world, social games and sharing features will be built-in across its platforms--either in this generation or the next--Minority Report-style. Jokes aside, expect lots more Kinect and touch integration in the future, not to mention a huge push toward social gaming (and virtual goods) from Microsoft all around. Let's just hope Microsoft's aspirations don't wholly involve FarmVille--guy's gotta' have his Halo.

[Via Uber Gizmo]

[Source: ZDNet]

Is this the type of future you had envisioned for Xbox or console gaming in general? What do you think is missing or needs work in Microsoft's vision for the future? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.