FarmVille Spring Countdown Day 11: Bouncing Horse

Back on March 10, Zynga launched the Spring Countdown in FarmVille. This countdown is still going on, and we're just two prizes from the finale. Make that one prize, as a matter of fact, as a new prize has been made available for Day 11 of the countdown.

This new prize is the Bouncing Horse. Not to be confused with the Bouncing Horse released back in the International Children's Day event in June of 2010, this is an entirely different item that simply has the same name. This new Bouncing Horse, unlike the old Brown item, seems to be modeled after a gray and white Pinto Horse.

As this is part of the Spring Countdown, even if you don't want to have a second Bouncing Horse on your land, you'll need to collect at least one of these items to earn your check mark for the day. You'll be able to earn a Bouncing Horse by clicking on the "Ask/Share" button and then posting a news item to your wall asking your friends for help. If they help you, they'll receive a free Bouncing Horse as well, so don't be surprised if you wind up with five or more before all is said and done. At least you can always sell the extras.

Remember, for collecting all 12 of these prizes, we'll apparently be given an Instagrow Potion, so it's definitely worth all of the trouble.

Have you been keeping up with the Spring Countdown thus far? Do you like the prizes we've received, or are you tired of asking your friends for help? Let us know in the comments.