FarmVille Sneak Peek: Dogwood, Candy Apple Tree, Giant Candy Apple Tree


Three new trees are going to be launching in FarmVille in the near future, if this set of unreleased images is anything to go by. While we know that a Pink Dogwood Tree will be launching in the game, we now also know that a regular Dogwood Tree will be releasing as well - that being a tree that's white, rather than pink.

In addition to the normal Dogwood Tree, we know that a new pair of whimsical trees will be launching as well - those being the Candy Apple Tree and the Giant Candy Apple Tree. As with other trees in FarmVille, these three will be masterable, as you can see from their mastery signs above (although the Candy Apple signs do look incomplete).

If we had to guess, all three of them will be released for Farm Cash in the game's store, or the Giant Candy Apple Tree will be available from Candy Apple Tree Mystery Seedlings in the Orchard. We'll be sure to bring you the full details about these three trees when we know more.

Do you like the Dogwood Tree more than these two Candy Apple trees? Let us know in the comments.

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