FarmVille: Old English Hen spotted in Chicken Coop


This weekend, we brought you the news of a new scam concerning a Union Jack Mystery Egg in FarmVille that has been flooding many of your news feeds. While this was a scam, the Union Jack Mystery Egg will actually be released in the game in the future (apparently under the name of an English Mystery Egg). At the time, we believed that perhaps a Union Jack Chicken would be responsible for laying these eggs, but it turns out that a different chicken is responsible - the Old English Hen.

How do we know this? Simple - as another step in preparation for this week's launch of the English Countryside, Zynga has added the Old English Hen's information to the Chicken Coop. This Old English Hen is the last chicken on the entire list - number 17 to be exact. We'll be able to harvest these Hens and receive 64 coins in return, so while it isn't anymore profitable than other chickens in the game, it's still something to take notice of.

We'll make sure to give you all of the details about this chicken when it officially launches in the game, so keep checking back.

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Will you purchase an Old English Hen for your Chicken Coop, or would you prefer this chicken really be red and blue, just like its egg? Let us know in the comments.

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