Cab Driver Refuses Passenger, Then Drags Him Down the Street

job interview Talk about over-reaction! A cab driver in Melbourne, Australia recently refused to let a passenger in his cab because he said the intended destination was too close. He then sped off, dragging the would-be passenger, whose arm got caught in the cab, along with him.

The would-be passenger, cartoonist and stand-up comedian, Jason Chatfield, made a comment about it being easier to get an ambulance than a taxi. All this before he was rushed to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, for a full night of neurological tests and X-rays that showed a concussion and lacerations on his face, shoulder, hip, elbows and wrist.

It seems Chatfield and his girlfriend had just enjoyed a show and dinner when he called to ask a taxi come and pick them up very early Sunday morning. When a cab pulled up, Chatfield thought it was the one he'd booked.

"He stopped and I put my head and my arm in the window, told him my name was Chatfield and he sort of grunted and asked where we were going. When I said it was only to East Melbourne, he threw his hand up, said: 'No, too close', and just floored it," Chatfield told the Australia's

Apparently something Chatfield was wearing, maybe his watch, caught in the window, but the driver wouldn't slow down to free him. Chatfield was able to run and keep up with the cab for about 10-20 meters before whatever it was came loose, and launched him into the pavement. His hip, shoulder and head ground into the street as the taxi sped off.

The taxi driver has yet to be caught. So far, no one has able to give an accurate description of the driver or a license plate number. Looks like he'll be getting away with a "drag and run."

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