FarmVille: Pink Dogwood Tree appearing from Mystery Seedlings

Some farmers are reporting that they have received a new type of tree from Mystery Seedlings in FarmVille. According to FV Nation, the new tree is the Pink Dogwood Tree, which is quite a lovely shade of pale pink - perfect for the upcoming Spring.

It appears to be random at this point which trees give off the Pink Dogwood Tree, but I wouldn't be surprised if the actual tree was released this evening to purchase in the FarmVille marketplace, or at least some time in the very near future.

We'll make sure to give you all of the details about how you can get a Pink Dogwood Tree on your farm, should you not wish to "luck into" receiving one from a free Mystery Seedling, so keep checking back.

[Image Credit: FV Nation]

Have you received a Pink Dogwood Tree from your Mystery Seedlings? Have you seen friends sharing any on their wall? Let us know in the comments.
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