FarmVille: Free Orchard, five new trees available as free gifts


Two small updates have launched in FarmVille this weekend, both concerning trees. First, when you login, you'll receive a pop-up like the one above, giving you a free Orchard frame. This pop-up introduces us to the second update - the fact that five trees have been added to the free gifts page.

These five trees are the Jackfruit Tree, Cashew Tree, Walnut Tree, and Breadfruit Tree. The Guava Tree is a exclusive, meaning that you'll have to head over to and send them to your Facebook friends from that portal, rather than from Facebook proper.

As for the Orchard itself, you've actually only been given a frame to an Orchard, which normally costs 1,000 coins to purchase in the store. You'll find it in your Gift Box. You will still have to finish its construction yourself by collection 10 each of Wooden Boards, Nails, and Bricks.