FrontierVille: Redeem Game Card, receive 20% extra Horseshoes


There's still time to take advantage of a new promotion that has launched in FrontierVille this week, offering players a chance to receive 20% extra Horseshoes on any Game Cards redeemed in the game. This is the same promotion currently running in CityVille (which of course offers 20% extra City Cash), but if you'd prefer Horseshoes instead, you can do so from now until March 20 (presumably until 11:59 PM PST).

Zynga is calling this a discount on Horseshoes, but that's an odd way of thinking about it. It doesn't matter how much your Game Card is worth, as it will be "used up" in its entirety when you redeem. You'll simply receive 20% extra Horseshoes in your transaction, as a bonus for purchasing a Game Card. This doesn't affect the amount of money you'd spend on the Game Card in the first place.

With the new 37 x 37 Land Expansion being available for Horseshoes, and the Detective Agency offering Horseshoes as a way to skip some of the more questionable tasks, this seems like as good of a time as any to purchase Horseshoes, if you were ever interested at all. Just remember to do so by tomorrow night to get the bonus Horseshoes while you can.

Will you redeem a Game Card in FrontierVille for the bonus Horseshoes? Let us know in the comments.