FarmVille Scam Alert: Union Jack Mystery Egg posts are fake


Just this week, we brought you an early sneak peek of a new kind of Mystery Egg that will be available when FarmVille launches the English Countryside expansion next week. This egg is the Union Jack Mystery Egg, and it will presumably come from an also unreleased Union Jack Chicken.

Imagine my surprise then, when I started seeing free Union Jack Mystery Egg posts appearing in my news feed, looking very much like an official post from FarmVille. Of course these posts are fake, and we're here to stop you from falling victim yourself. If you see a post like the one above, avoid it at all costs. While it doesn't seem to try to get you to install any new apps, it does take you to a never-ending loop of pop-ups, that can apparently only be stopped by posting the same wall post to your own feed, or simply closing out the window altogether.

We'll make sure to bring you news about any other scams we see popping up, regardless of the items they supposedly give away, so keep checking back.

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Have you seen any of these Union Jack Mystery Egg posts? Let us know in the comments.