CityVille Updated Train System: Everything you need to know


Zynga has made widespread changes to the way trains work in CityVille, removing the old system altogether and replacing it with a new and updated Train Station, along with new missions. Now, when you click on the Train Station, you'll see a horizontal list of missions that appears at the bottom of your screen, just as the store appears when you'd like to purchase an item. This is your Train Schedules list, offering you four trains that sell Goods, and four trains that purchase Goods.

Each schedule costs a different amount of coins to set into motion, but also rewards a different amount of Goods and can go to varying amounts of friends' cities in the process. Simply clicking on a schedule doesn't cause a train to depart; rather, it brings up a more informative window where you can see the exact details of how long your train will take, where you can also see how many other stops can be made by the train as it travels on its route.

Meet us behind the break for more details about this new train setup.