Zynga will launch FarmVille English Countryside next week

Be excited!
Be excited!

That's right, be excited. All of your Special Delivery stockpiling has come to this. Zynga has just announced that the English Countryside expansion to FarmVille will launch next week. While no specific date and time was mentioned, the company made the announcement on the game's official Facebook page. So, if you're not Level 20 yet, get to it as its required to travel to the EC. Zynga dropped this hint as to how to level up quickly: Strawberries and Aloe Vera are especially great for gaining XP. Not to mention that if you throw down a few Fertilize Alls this weekend, your experience gains will increase as well. If you want to be even more prepared for the release, check out these guides on Traveling to England, Sheep Breeding, Farming the English Countryside and Working with Two Farms. We'll see you on the other side of the pond next week.

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