Quote of the Moment: 'Facebook gaming is a completely valid market'


But it's a completely valid market. People in the industry are seeing Facebook as a platform like we see the PlayStation 3 or the PC as a platform. They all have a particular audience and the demographic tends to like a specific type of game more predominantly than others. By looking at it as a platform and not judging the whole thing just based on a few games or a subset of mechanics that you deem unacceptable for whatever reason, I think traditional developers are coming around to the opportunities of Facebook.

Brenda Brathwaite, another social game design convert, said this in an interview with Gamesindustry.biz concerning the growing criticism of the social games industry. Brathwaite's background is in traditional games, but she recently opened Loot Drop with veteran John Romero after seeing the opportunities Facebook had to offer. The interview came after this year's GDC, which held a panel titled "No Freakin' Respect! Social Game Developers Rant Back." Brathwaite's short, sweet and NSFW speech covered many of the same points she makes in her talk with Gamesindustry.biz. Most importantly, Brathwaite says that while there are plenty of social game developers out there with profit as their primary motive, the amount of traditional designers entering the space will change things. Brenda, we sure hope you're right.

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