Pepsi Throwback Is Back Permanently

pepsi throwbackNostalgists rejoice.

Pepsi is making its retro Pepsi Throwback beverage a permanent part of its stable of soft drinks.

Pepsi Throwback features iconic Pepsi packaging from the '70s and '80s and old-school taste that reflects the original Pepsi Spirit drink: It's sweetened with real sugar as opposed to high-fructose corn syrup.The company is bringing the drink back for good, due to "overwhelming consumer demand, including tons of feedback on the Throwback Facebook page," Melisa Tezanos, communications director for PepsiCo Beverages Americas, told WalletPop. "Every time we would put it out as a limited time offer fans would drive for miles to find the product and load up their pantries."

Pepsi Throwback first hit shelves in April 2009 for eight weeks and has since resurfaced for limited runs.

Pepsi is not alone in trotting out vintage consumer products.

Cheryl Swanson, a principal with branding firm Toniq LLC, calls the recent revival of throwbacks from Pepsi, but also from Mountain Dew, Doritos, Nike and several candy companies, an ever-growing trend toward nostalgia.

But why all the consumer love now for old-school fare?

"It's time to turn-back to tune-in," she said in a press release. Which told us nothing, so we read on:

"As technology is moving forward at warp speed, the economy is in disarray, and the world seems to be filled with disaster, consumers want to feel safe and familiar again." And classic brands do just that, she says.

Look for the throwback trend to blossom and spread to more consumer segments, such as fashion, entertainment and technology, she predicts.

Starting this month, Pepsi Throwback is available in retail locations nationwide in 12-ounce cans, 20-ounce bottles and in a 12-pack.
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