Kelly Clarkson and Orphans vs. Best Buy: No Contest

kelly clarkson swaps her backside - ipod shuffles for orphansIf you've been wronged by a Big Box outlet, it sure pays to be famous. Kelly Clarkson left a message on her Facebook page read 'round the retail world, complaining that Best Buy wouldn't let her purchase iPod shuffles for orphans!

Any time you have "orphans" in a customer complaint, you've got a PR nightmare brewing. Add a big-hearted, big-voiced pop star, and you're practically begging for a public flogging. Here's what Clarkson wrote:

"So I'm in Best Buy across from Ridgemar Mall in Fort Worth, TX literally trying to buy iPod shuffles for orphans and they won't sell them to me because they're saving them for other customers. Thank you Best Buy for all of your help. They wouldn't let my friend by [sic] the rest either haha! What the hell is wrong with y'all?!"When Best Buy found out about the incident, it apologized to Clarkson "for the experience" and said its intent "was not to upset you."

No apology to the orphans apparently. Dang, if we were manning the chain's publicity department, we'd have offered to buy every orphan everywhere a ticket to Clarkson's next concert.

As it turns out, Clarkson found her joy, as in Joy, a worker at another Best Buy, who took care of Clarkson and her orphan charity drive.

"Thank you Joy at the Mansfield Best Buy for letting us buy the iPod shuffles we needed :)," Clarkson wrote later on Facebook. Best Buy also contributed a hefty amount to Clarkson's charity, TMZ reported.

Now let us look at the case of an ordinary person on the very same day at another Best Buy. A customer who goes by the handle BestBuySux wrote at that he or she bought a refrigerator under extended warranty, and had to have it repaired more than six times. A provision in the warranty promises a new unit after three service calls, BestBuySux said, but BestBuySux is still getting the runaround from the company and has lost hundreds of dollars in spoiled groceries, he or she wrote.

You think BestBuySux would have that replacement 'fridge by now if he or she had sung Since U Been Gone to the top of the charts and won the inaugural season of American Idol?

We don't mean to pick on Best Buy. Every discount giant has spawned websites devoted to shopper complaints. Customer unhappiness happens at Walmart, Kmart and Target, too.

Just let it be a lesson to all of you Big Boxes to never cross a pop star and orphans, especially at the same time.
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