FrontierVille Detective Agency Quests: Everything you need to know

Along with the release of the already controversial new Detective Agency in FrontierVille comes a series of five new missions that can also be completed. Just as with the Detective Agency building itself, these missions are on a slow rollout to users. While you may receive these quests within a few hours, you may also have to wait until tomorrow or later, so if you don't see them in your game, please be patient. Also keep in mind that as these missions are incredibly new, these details are subject to change at any time.

The first of these missions is called simply "Finkerton's Detective Agency," and it has you placing the new building on your Homestead.

Purchase Finkerton's Detective Agency from the Market
Clear Ten Grass on Your Homestead
Harvest 15 Apple Trees

FrontierVille Forums user Thanisa has an image showing off this first quest, which gives us a sneak preview of what the completed Detective Agency will look like, if you don't already have it on your land. Remember, if you don't have 15 Apple Trees on your land, simply harvest the ones you do have and come back to finish this step 30 minutes later. Your rewards for finishing this quest are 250 XP and 250 coins.

From there, you'll unlock Part II of V, which has you collecting some new items that are themed quite well to this new building.

Tend Ten Adult Pigs
Collect the Detective Agency Bonus
Get Ten Missing Person Posters

You'll receive the Missing Person Posters by asking your friends to send you the ten you need. At this time, we believe the request is a general wall post, but this is subject to change to individual gift requests in the future, if Zynga so chooses. Your rewards for this mission are 500 XP and a Trackin' Pig, which is a themed animal, all dressed up to search for the missing players.

Part III of V has you completing similar tasks, in terms of animal tending and item collecting.

Tend 15 Sheep
Have 25 Cloth
Have 15 False Mustaches

The False Mustaches are another item you'll have to ask your friends to send you. Completing this mission gives you a reward of a Sheep and 750 XP.

From there, you'll move onto Part IV of V, which primarily asks you to collect two new items.

Visit 10 Neighbors
Have 3 Invisible Ink
Collect 15 Decoder Rings

As you might have guessed, you'll need to ask your friends for the Decoder Rings, while the Invisible Ink is a new collection item in the Detective Agency collection, and can be earned either when whacking the frame of the building, or by collecting the Daily Bonus as it drops at random. Your rewards before the finale of this mission series are an Old Time Camera and 850 XP.

Finally, Part V of V will unfortunately force you to use your Detective Agency to bring back missing friends, so I hope this is a time when you're willing to ask friends personally to come back to the game long enough to help you out. Either that, or have some Horseshoes on hand to skip this step altogether.

Buy 3 Breakfasts
Have 3,000 coins
Recover Two Lost Settlers

For finishing this mission, you'll receive 1,000 XP and Finkerton's Detective Suit for your in-game avatar.

We can understand if users wouldn't want to work their way through the first four goals only to have to resort to begging their friends to come back to the game, but if you're picky about completing things, at least you know what to expect before going in.

[Top Image Credit: Thanisa]

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What do you think of these new goals? Will you complete these goals and never use the Detective Agency for its intended purpose afterwards, just to receive the coins, XP and other rewards, or will you skip both the missions and the new building entirely? Sound off in the comments.
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