FrontierVille Detective Agency: Everything you need to know


Zynga must really be getting desperate for users to come back to FrontierVille (after leaving for any number of reasons), as they have created an entirely new building that is focused on the task. Making their current players work for them, the new building is Finkerton's Detective Agency, and it will have you, quite literally, searching for lost players.

This building, just as with all others, is on a slow rollout, so if you don't see it in your own game just yet, have patience as it will come to you with time. You'll know that this building is now available on your land when you see a screenshot like the one above appear at your next login.

Before you can track down lost players, you'll need to place your Detective Agency and then whack the frame 20 times in total, with each whack costing 7 Wood. From there, you'll need to collect six new items to complete the actual construction of the building, so meet us behind the break to see what those items are.