FrontierVille Detective Agency: Everything you need to know

Zynga must really be getting desperate for users to come back to FrontierVille (after leaving for any number of reasons), as they have created an entirely new building that is focused on the task. Making their current players work for them, the new building is Finkerton's Detective Agency, and it will have you, quite literally, searching for lost players.

This building, just as with all others, is on a slow rollout, so if you don't see it in your own game just yet, have patience as it will come to you with time. You'll know that this building is now available on your land when you see a screenshot like the one above appear at your next login.

Before you can track down lost players, you'll need to place your Detective Agency and then whack the frame 20 times in total, with each whack costing 7 Wood. From there, you'll need to collect six new items to complete the actual construction of the building, so meet us behind the break to see what those items are.The six new items are Desks, Curtains, Large Hings, Coat Racks, Frosted Glass, and Floorboards. The first three items (Desks, Curtains and Large Hinges) are earned through general news feed posts, asking all of your neighbors simultaneously to send you an item, while the other three (the Coat Racks, Frosted Glass and Floorboards) are earned through individual gift requests sent to those neighbors that you think will be most likely to help you.

Once you complete the construction of the Detective Agency, you'll be able to actually use the building to help bring missing players back to the frontier. Before this goes any further - yes, this building has been created with the goal of asking you to get your friends who have stopped playing the game to log back in, even if just for a moment. You will be rewarded for each friend you get to come back to the game (via a request), with different friends being worth different amounts of money.

FrontierVille Legend has an image of the interior of the completed Detective Agency, and we can see that you'll have three tabs - Missing, Open Cases, and Claim Rewards. Missing lists all of the players that you're friends with that have quit playing the game, with different amounts of Dollar Signs representing their worth if you can bring them back. Open Cases shows which ones you have attempted to bring back (but have yet to respond), while Claim Rewards allows you to claim your reward for successfully bringing back players. You'll be able to track your score for "finding missing players" on a leaderboard of your friends.

It doesn't take a FrontierVille veteran to know that this building will likely be the cause of a lot of controversy. While there are new quests available to complete along with this new building, I doubt many players will want to go through with either constructing this building or finishing the quests since it will undoubtedly work its way into the "spamming" of friends with unwanted requests to come back to the game. After all, if your friends no longer play, there has to be a reason for them to have left in the first place, and we doubt that a single request is suddenly going to make them forget about whatever issue they had with the game that causes them to leave.

As usual, though, whether or not you go through with building this new structure, or even completing the goals associated with it will be entirely voluntary. We can see pros and cons to completing most of these missions, even if you don't use the building for its intended purpose afterwards, but I'm not sure that many others will think the same. For a complete walkthrough to the five new Detective Agency missions, check out our guide.

[Missing Persons Image Credit: FrontierVille Legend]

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What do you think of this new building? Will you work to earn rewards for bringing back "missing" players, or will you leave your friends alone, regardless of how blatantly Zynga is begging you to "spam" them? Let us know in the comments.
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