FrontierVille: Detective Agency Collection rewards muddy Footprints as prize

As usual, along with the release of a new building in FrontierVille comes a new Collection that can be completed by earning the appropriate items when whacking the frame of the new building, or when collecting that building's Daily Bonus. Such is the case with the new Detective Agency, and this new Detective Agency Collection.

There are five new items to keep an eye out for:

Invisible Ink
Walkin' Shoes

Once you complete this collection, you can trade it in for a set of Footprints, as seen below. This item is purely decorative, and would make a perfect accompaniment beside your new Detective Agency building. Check out our full guide to building the Detective Agency, if you've yet to do so already.

What do you think of this new collection? Will you build the Detective Agency in FrontierVille, even after you learn what it's used for (that being recruiting past players to come back to the game)? Let us know in the comments.
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