Free Pass to BJ's Warehouse Club

BJ's club free membership couponPrint this free BJ's membership pass and get into the warehouse club for 60 days without paying a dime. A one-year membership costs $50, so a two month free pass has a value of slightly more than $8.

As a bonus, you will not have to pay a surcharge when you use this pass. Some "free membership" passes tack on a 5% or 10% surcharge to make up for the fact that you are not paying the membership fee. With this free BJ's pass, you only pay for what is in your cart. Steer clear of the worst deals at the warehouse club and instead go for the best warehouse deals.

The free BJ's pass is good for 60 days and must be activated by July 5, 2011. Stop by the member services counter before you shop to redeem the free pass.

Caveats: The free BJ's membership pass is good for new members only.

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