FarmVille, several Zynga games suffer ongoing loading issues

Sad Cow
Sad Cow

Several players have reported to both FarmVille Freak and the forums that FarmVille suffered severe loading issues overnight. Farmers across the board received error messages such as "Oh no! It looks like all the bits got lost on the way to your computer. Please refresh your page." This forced players to refresh their browser page, which would cause the same errors to appear.

Zynga forum community manager Stumpgrinder chimed in on the 33-page thread with, "About half of our games are down (or at least the majority of people being able to access them). We're investigating now. If there isn't a resolution fairly soon we'll see about unwither & puppy hunger." As the thread continued, Stumpgrinder's final post in the thread was this: "Looks like it's mostly back to normal; you may or may not see the RewardVille stuff."

Ah-ha! So, it was RewardVille causing the issues? While I'm not experiencing any loading issues at the moment, leveling up in RewardVille did manage to bring FarmVille to a screeching halt, forcing me to reload the game. And while FarmVille might be more stable, what of the other games Stumpgrinder vaguely mentioned? If my experience is any indication, we might not be out of the woods yet, folks.

Are you still experiencing issues in your Zynga game of choice? How about issues with the RewardVille system interfering with your game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.