FarmVille-maker Zynga buys Floodgate Entertainment for Boston studio


Let the flood, floodgate, dam and other liquid-related puns ensue. Zynga has made its 10th acquisition in just 10 months with Floodgate Entertainment, TechCrunch reports. The deal, whose terms were not disclosed, will bring the Floodgate team into Zynga Boston, which was created when Zynga bought Boston-based Conduit Labs. Floodgate founder Paul Neurath will join his new overlords as Creative Director for Zynga Boston.

Floodgate is already well-versed in the mobile games space with releases like a mobile adaptation of Civilization and Flowerz, a Windows Phone 7 game, under its belt. Not to mention the company developed some of the PC adaptations for the Madden and Nascar franchises. If you hadn't noticed, Zynga is buying more and more developers with mobile game experience. So, you can pretty much guess where the company's focus is for 2011. Since Zynga most recently bought New York-based Area/Code, its presence on the East Coast only gets stronger.

[Image Credit: Business Week]

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