FarmVille English Countryside Sneak Peek: Old English Chicken, Shorthorn Cow & much more

farmville english countryside
farmville english countryside

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Just as Zynga has prepared a bunch of new decorative items for the FarmVilleEnglish Countryside, they've also created a lot of new animals, as these latest unreleased images can attest to. Without any further ado, we bring you a sneak peek of these new animals in the image above. From left to right, they are as follows:

Old English Chicken
Shorthorn Cow
Shorthorn Calf
Black Clydesdale Horse
Black Clydesdale Foal
English Spotted Rabbit
Crested Duck
Tamworth Pig
UK Sheep

You'll also notice the three images we have related to the new Union Jack Chicken (egg), although we unfortunately can't bring you an actual image of the chicken at this time.

As usual, these name may turn out to be placeholders, and may be called something different when they officially launch. We have animations of four of these animals behind the break, so meet us there.

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