FarmVille English Countryside Sneak Peek: A closer look at English buildings


So, we already know that we'll be able to build most of the same buildings that we have on our first farm in FarmVille in the new English Countryside (when it launches), but we've come across a slew of unreleased images that show us just what these English versions of animal and functional buildings really look like.

You can see a few of the basic buildings in the image above. From left to right, we have the Barn, Cellar, Flower Shed, Chicken Coop, Horse Stable, and Tool Shed. All of these buildings will apparently be readily available in the game; that is, they will not require construction. As for the other buildings, like the Sheep Pen, Horse Stable or Garage, you'll need to do a bit of work to bring them either back up to 100% by repairing them, or starting them from scratch.

Meet us behind the break for a detailed look at these other English Countryside buildings.