FarmVille Double Mastery returns this weekend; fire up the combines

Double Mastery Weekend
Double Mastery Weekend

Did you make plans for this weekend?(We all know Rebecca Black did.) Well, you might want to reconsider them, because Zynga has reinstated Double Mastery on all FarmVille crops and trees for this weekend. The promotion runs through March 20 at 11:59 EST, so you have two days to get as many crops over and done with as possible. FarmVille Feed adds that if you use your bushels, you could make this a Triple Mastery Weekend for even speedier results.

Now, several pieces of information leaked today and last night regarding the English Countryside expansion, which we know will have plenty more exclusive crops and trees to focus our time on. That said, this Double Mastery weekend could be the final hurrah before Zynga decides to let Duke's Airship crash on farms worldwide. Nothing says "closure" like furiously clicking on farmland for days.

[Via Zynga]

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