Cafe World 4x Mega Stove: Everything you need to know

While Cafe World's Super Stoves are great and all, offering you one-click cooking that skips all of the ingredient preparation of past gameplay, they still take up the same amount of room as a normal stove, only saving you time, rather than space. In comes Siggy, Cafe World's inventor, to help alleviate that space issue with the introduction of the 4x Mega Stove to the game.

The 4x Mega Stove is as its name suggests - a single stove that allows you to cook four dishes at once. You'll receive one of these stoves for free the next time you login to the game. It will take up the space of one of your allowed stoves in your stove-count, so if you are already at your maximum, you'll have to drag another stove out of your cafe and replace it with this Mega Stove.

Of course, something this fantastic doesn't really come for free, as there's a bit of a (big) catch. While the 4x Mega Stove does have four burners (one each for four different dishes), you'll need to unlock each burner by completing a series of missions. Meet us behind the break to see what those missions are and how to complete them.
To unlock the first burner, you'll need to finish just a single quest, called "Grate Scott!" You'll be able to access this quest (and all over Mega Stove quests) by clicking on the stove to receive the menu at the top of this post. From there, simply click on the "Unlock" button for the burner you're working on, and you'll be able to see your current missions. Grate Scott! asks you to complete three tasks:

Serve BBQ Chicken 10 times
Serve Macaroni and Cheese 15 Times
Get 6 Grates

You'll be able to earn the Grates by clicking on the "Ask" button and then sending out individual gift requests to your friends to help you. While you're waiting, you can work on serving these 25 dishes - BBQ Chicken cooks in 5 hours, while Macaroni and Cheese takes just 2 hours.

From there, you'll be able to work on unlocking the second burner, which requires two quests to be completed.

Siggy's Chips:

Serve Tony's Classic Pizza (five-hour dish)
Serve Chashu Ramen 15 Times (six-hour dish)
Get 8 Computer Chips

Not Enough Metal:

Spice Neighbors' Stoves 4 Times
Serve Rackasaurus Ribs 15 Times (10 hour dish)
Get 10 Metal Plates

This unlocks the second burner on your 4X Mega Stove. To unlock the final two burners, you'll need to complete the following missions:

More Controls!:

Restock Salad Bar 5 Times
Spice Neighbors' Stoves 7 Times
Get 12 Control Knobs

Instant Ignition:

Earn 500,000 coins
Serve Cappuccino 20 Times
Get 14 Igniters

Science Never Sleeps:

Serve Orange Juice 30 Times
Serve Depth Charge 20 Times
Get 16 Drip Bowls

Powering Up!

Serve Chicken Pot Pie 20 Times (two-day dish)
Serve Lox Bagel 30 Times (three-hour dish)
Get 18 LED Displays

As you can see, while it may seem like you've been given a great blessing in having a single stove that cooks four dishes at once, you will definitely have to put forth a lot of effort on your own to actually make the most of this new item. Luckily, there doesn't seem to be any expiration date for when you can still complete your 4x Mega Stove without penalty, so you should be able to tackle these missions casually, as you also work on other things.

Is the 4x Mega Stove worth it? Will you complete it right away, or wait until you finish other (more pressing) missions first? Let us know in the comments.
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