Cafe World 4x Mega Stove: Everything you need to know


While Cafe World's Super Stoves are great and all, offering you one-click cooking that skips all of the ingredient preparation of past gameplay, they still take up the same amount of room as a normal stove, only saving you time, rather than space. In comes Siggy, Cafe World's inventor, to help alleviate that space issue with the introduction of the 4x Mega Stove to the game.

The 4x Mega Stove is as its name suggests - a single stove that allows you to cook four dishes at once. You'll receive one of these stoves for free the next time you login to the game. It will take up the space of one of your allowed stoves in your stove-count, so if you are already at your maximum, you'll have to drag another stove out of your cafe and replace it with this Mega Stove.

Of course, something this fantastic doesn't really come for free, as there's a bit of a (big) catch. While the 4x Mega Stove does have four burners (one each for four different dishes), you'll need to unlock each burner by completing a series of missions. Meet us behind the break to see what those missions are and how to complete them.