Are You Quacked Up to Be the Next Aflac Duck? [Video]

job interview Ever since it was announced that comedian Gilbert Gottfried would no longer be voicing the iconic Aflac duck because he tweeted tasteless jokes about the Japanese tsunami and earthquake, people have been wondering what will become of the much-loved duck. Will he be retired, or will some other lucky voice-over artist be hired to take his place?

Aflac, which does a good deal of its insurance business in Japan and has pledged $100 million to help with the rescue and rebuilding efforts in the country, has made it clear that the duck will live on as the company's spokesbird. But he will need a new voice, and they'll be holding a nationwide, open casting call in the future. For the moment, however, one would guess that they're probably too involved with aiding the Japanese to organize anything official.

Although no public announcement of auditions has been made yet, hopeful quackers are already trying to get a jump start on the gig by posting auditions on YouTube. We thought it'd be fun to host our own practice audition.

Post your own audition on YouTube, label it "aol jobs aflac video," and send us a link to it by clicking here. We'll have a professional voice-over agent take a look at them, then we'll run the best ones here on AOL Jobs. Chances are good we'll run the funniest ones as well. Here's an example of how quick and easy it can be. You can record your audition and post it in about 20 seconds using your smart phone.

We can't promise this will get Aflac's attention; but even if you don't get official duck duties, you'll not only be refining your voice-over chops, you'll also be seen and heard by thousands, some of whom just might like what they hear. Go ahead -- why not take a quack at it?

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