Warren Buffett, Suze Orman Disagree on Whether to Own?


Warren Buffett knows best when it comes to financial matters, or does he? When it comes to understanding the housing crisis we often rely on the advice of financial experts, and wading through it all can be as hard as rowing upstream. And why not when you consider that experts like personal finance guru Suze Orman, and billionaire investor Warren Buffet appear to be at odds.

Orman says the American financial dream is dead, but Buffett says buy now, but buy an affordable home. "Who's right?," asks California real estate broker Tara-Nicholle Nelson, in a recent blog post.

As a former homeowner who now rents, but also who has a 20-year journalism career covering business topics (mostly personal finance and real estate), I say put your faith in Orman, even though Buffett's premise of "don't overspend" is one Orman would also agree with -- as would I, your mother, and probably even your old fourth-grade teacher.