Man Detained at Boston Airport After Claiming to Be An Air Marshal

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John S Y Lee, flickr

A man pretending to be a federal air marshal aboard a Delta Air Lines flight is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation in Boston after a real federal air marshal detained him at Logan Airport.

The man, whose name was not released, because he has not been criminally charged, met a "real federal air marshal" on Flight 1922 from Detroit to Boston, Massachusetts Port Authority spokesman Phil Orlandella told AOL Travel News.

"He was bragging that he was a federal air marshal,'' Orlandella said. "He was not. But there was one on the flight."

The plane was met at the gate by law enforcement and TSA authorities and the passenger was taken away for questioning. An investigation is underway.

A Delta ramp worker at the same Boston airport was recently charged with impersonating a federal air marshal while trying to pull off an insurance scam. He is facing federal charges.

Earlier this month a man was accused of assaulting a fellow passenger and punching a federal marshal on a flight from Paris to Atlanta. An air marshal seated next to Kim Kardashian on a flight from New York to LA just got tweeted about – to about 3 million of her followers.
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