Gamesville puzzler 'Super Chef Full Boil' offers cash and prizes

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One look at that name, "Gamesville", and it's hard not to ask yourself if it's got something to do with Zynga. After all, Zynga has so many 'villes on Facebook -- FarmVille, FrontierVille, CityVille, and that Zynga Lotto usuper, RewardVille, which isn't even a game! But Gamesville is actually a company that was born long before the world had heard of Zynga. Even its motto, "Wasting your time since 1996", proudly brandishes its seniority, and now, Gamesville has arrived on Facebook.
Gamesville Super Chef Full Boil
Super Chef Full Boil is Gamesville's first Facebook game and despite its looks, I can tell you it's not another Bejeweled Blitz clone. If you like puzzlers, I guarantee that this game is going to entice and frustrate you because you're going to see it as Bejeweled Blitz, but if you play it as Bejeweled Blitz, you'll lose. I thought I was going to be a natural, but my mind isn't properly mapped for it. Basically, the goal of the game is to eliminate blocks on the board, but the method's tricky. You have to selectively click on an area, where all four corners of the grid you've picked out, all have the same symbol. Do that, and the area is eliminated.

But aside from that novelty and decent background music, this game lacked serious 'oomph' in the graphics and animations department. Where's the passion? The roaring crescendo of cascading blocks? The nearly seizure-inducing bursts of lightning and color? Thematically, it's an odd game with an odd title because everything that isn't screaming Bejeweled Blitz is screaming that it's a cooking game. The playing field really needs to get a bit more lively to sucker in those of us who like eye-candy and explosions. In the meanwhile, Gamesville has something else that'll make you stay.
Gamesville Prizes
Since the beginning of its creation, Gameville's deal was to be an online casual games portal that offered real cash or tangible prizes to dedicated players. Right now, there are daily, weekly, and monthly drawings on the site for up to $100. You can also get money by accumulating GV Rewards and trading those in for goods, but you'll need to register as a member of Gamesville to do that. As a Facebook player, you can send your questions and comments on their official Facebook page or their blog.

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