FarmVille St. Patrick's Day Decorations: Irish Castle, Leprechaun Planter, Rainbow Bird Bath & More

Tonight's FarmVille update saw the release of quite a few items in the current St. Patrick's Day theme. There is one new building to take a look at, which is one of the most visually impressive (and largest) items we've seen released in the game in quite some time. The building is the Irish Castle, and it's grand size is accompanied by a large price tag - 45 Farm Cash.

For that price, you'll receive a very large stone structure that towers over your in-game avatar. It has multiple towers, leading to a tall peak in the center, and green and white banners hanging on its sides. If you're looking for an item to fill in a large whole on your property, or just something to impress your neighbors, this might be one to look into (if you're willing to splurge). You'll receive a whopping 4500 experience points for purchasing the building for your farm.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the rest of the new decorative items.