FarmVille St. Patrick's Day Animals: Kelly Green Cow & Leprechaun Goat

Tonight's FarmVille update may not have seen the release of the English Countryside, it did see the release (and re-release) of some new animals in the current St. Patrick's Day limited edition item theme.

The two animals are the Kelly Green Cow and the Leprechaun Goat. The Leprechaun Goat is the new item here, being available for 14 Farm Cash. For that price, you'll receive a festive goat wearing a green bow tie and bouncing top-hat, complete with a clover on the side. The Goat can be harvested once every two days.

Meanwhile, the Kelly Green Cow will be familiar to those playing the game at this time last year, as it was originally released in last year's St. Patrick's Day theme. The cost remains the same year over year, at 14 Farm Cash, and you'll be able to place the cow into your Dairy Barn with a bull to have a chance at breeding the Kelly Green Calf, which has the same clover pattern on its side. The cow itself can be harvested once each day, and you'll receive 1400 experience points for purchasing it.

Both of these animals will be available to purchase in the store for the next two weeks.

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Did you purchase a Kelly Green Cow last year, or are you just picking one up this year? Let us know what you think of these animals in the comments.