FarmVille: Cotton crop changed from three days to 12 hours


While the full FarmVille update hasn't been released for this evening, we did come across an interesting change to one of the game's established crops - Cotton. Cotton used to be one of the more difficult crops to master, as you would have to plant the crop and could only harvest it after waiting a full three days - either that or use your Biplane / Farm Cash or Instant Grow potions (where available) to speed up the process.

Tonight, however, Cotton has been changed into something much more manageable. You can now plant cotton for the still low price of 75 coins, and then harvest it just 12 hours later. While this could just be a coincidental change, experience tells us that when something is made more convenient in the game, either by becoming cheaper, or in this case, easier to grow, it means that we'll be needing a whole lot of in the future.

Will Cotton be used in the English Countryside? Will new crafting recipes be released that use Cotton bushels? Of course only time will tell at this point, but we'll make sure to let you know just how much of a coincidental change this turns out to be (or not).

What do you think the change in Cotton's growth time means? Could the English Countryside be launching later this evening, or is this really just a coincidence? Let us know your theories in the comments.