Divorced Divas Dwell in Dallas Mansion, On Sale for $20M


This Texas home could be a reality show producers' dream script. A 20,000-square-foot Texas mansion built by an oil tycoon and his ex-wife is providing shelter for homeless divorcées.

Jacque Evans (no relation) built this 19,337-square-foot palace as her dream home with her husband of 20 some years. No expense was spared in the building or design, and Jacque picked out every stitch of fabric, every stick of furniture, and imprinted her touch on every inch. There is a musical flushing toilet, 2 infinity pools, 6 living rooms, Moroccan media room, a guest house with three bedrooms, a caretakers home, Longhorn, cattle and horses and a barn (with full bar) to house them. There are even deer jumping (and getting stuck on) the fence plus rabbits, coyotes, snakes, critters, three mules, a horse, donkey, catfish and brim because the home is on the shores of Lake Grapevine. In fact, there are more than 450 feet of waterfront views of the lake from a 75-foot bluff, which is not only high for, but extremely rare in, Texas. The home took three years to build.


After her divorce, Evans was awarded the home. She found herself opening up to other women in her situation. When she found out some of them had no place to live, she said, why don't you come over and live with me – I certainly have plenty of room.

"What is the point of having things – a big home, two swimming pools – if you can't share them with people?" says Jacque.