Beer Lover's Guide to Europe Launched in Time for St. Patty's Day

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Beer lovers may want to raise a glass to this St. Patrick's Day for its new online "Beer Lover's Guide to European Destinations."

The search engine and flight comparison website has numerous destination guides on its site, but for those who might want to down a pint at an airport in Europe, Cheapflights picked six countries that its North American and European users rated as their favorites "to visit and get merry."

The guide, which covers Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and Spain, highlights brands brewed near airports, which can most likely be found at airport bars.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated around the world. For anyone downing a Guinness today in honor of the holiday, the Ireland guide informs readers that the black stout was invented by Arthur Guinness in 1778 in Dublin and is no doubt available at Ireland airports.

Drinkers are advised to get a draft rather than a bottle and "watch the bartenders work their skill at pouring the beers to get the trademark 'head' just right. The process can take up to a few minutes, but can be well worth it, especially if the pourer etches a shamrock into the head."

The beer guide says that travelers have a better chance to sample local beers at regional airports, rather than large hubs, and describes beer terms and the brewing process for different styles.

A final tip from the guide for stressed-out travelers who might want to take the edge off a long delay: "Remember that beer strength is measured in ABV (or Alcohol by Volume), so the higher the percentage, the happier you'll be!"

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