Rumor: Zynga randomizes FrontierVille item Horseshoe prices

HorseshoesAccording to several reports from both FrontierVille Info and the FrontierVille forums, Zynga is randomizing the price of Horseshoe items, namely the new Fanny and Bess Mystery Crates. A forum contributor named Jmrissaved claims, "I noticed that the mystery crates are 40 [Horseshoes] for me but 34 [Horseshoes] for my mom. When [I] asked about this I was told that's how Zynga is now pricing things."

FrontierVille Info has received similar reports from its readers like Jamie who said, "It has come to my attention from a Zynga chat employee that Zynga is now randomizing prices of items and diff people are having to pay diff prices for same items for no reason at all! This is illegal for most services and should be here too!"

If you haven't gathered already, players are less than excited about the situation. Not to mention that if both of these players truly spoke with Zynga customer support and got that response, this change could be intentional. That said, this is the first time I've ever heard of a company randomizing prices for goods. Even in the digital world prices are normally standardized. Prices will vary from game to game and even between items, but not from player to player at random. So, the pricing issue could easily be a glitch. Regardless, we've contacted Zynga for comment, so stay tuned.

[Image Credit: Fun on Mars]

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