IGN social games channel possibly in development, News Corp says

The videogame news site, IGN, could be News Corp's target for its social gaming efforts rather than the obvious choice, MySpace, Reuters reports. (We're sure IGN is just thrilled about this news.) Rupert Murdoch's media empire has its hands in nearly every form of media from social networking to film studios and now social gaming. News Corp digital group CEO Jonathan Miller revealed the news to the Abu Dhabi Media Summit and added that Making Fun, the company's very own social games publisher, could also be involved in its social gaming efforts.

When asked about whether News Corp had an interest in Zynga, Miller replied, "It's a little expensive, that particular company, at the present. We're trying to build it up organically." In other words, Zynga's nearly $10 billion price tag is too much for even News Corp. Instead, Murdoch and the gang seem to be looking to take Mark Pincus and his crew head on. "We're putting a toe and then a foot in the water and we'll see how that goes," Miller added.

Come to think of it, News Corp is in a unique position for a social games channel what with its nearly limitless advertising opportunities to generate a following. In fact, Miller added that the company could use its existing television and film properties to attract players, according to Reuters. If anyone is going to topple Zynga, it's going to be someone with financial backing like News Corp. However, as is with all endeavors, it's all in the execution.

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