FrontierVille Black Deer now available as Injured Critter


Just two days after bringing you a sneak peek as to the identity of the next Injured Critter in FrontierVille, the Black Deer has officially started appearing on folks' Homesteads. As with the White Buffalo, this poor fella got into a scuffle with a coyote, and now needs your help to be brought back to full health. Just as with the White Buffalo, you'll have a chance to come across these Deer when completing basic tasks on your Homestead, like clearing debris.

A difference between the two animals comes in the amount of Critter Milk that it will apparently take to revive a single deer. As you can see from my screenshot at right, the progress bar has moved very little after a single feeding. Perhaps this is Zynga's way to keep your Homestead from becoming cluttered with these animals, just as we have been with the White Buffalo; that is, if it takes longer to heal them, then perhaps we won't have a chance to run into as many before they can add a third type of animal to the mix.

Whatever the case may be, we're just happy that the days of finding White Buffalo after White Buffalo seem to be behind us. Maybe somebody really was listening.

Have you come across a Black Deer on your Homestead yet, or are you still trying to nurse a White Buffalo back to health? Let us know in the comments.