FarmVille English Countryside Cheats and Tips: Sheep Breeding 101

Sheep of all colors!
Horse breeding has been a mainstay of FarmVille for some time, but Zynga's other favorite livestock, Sheep, has been largely ignored. Well, aside from being the game's mascot, but no more! Sheep Breeding is the next big thing in FarmVille's English Countryside. Thanks to FarmVille Freak, we have all the details to make your experiencing easing into this brand new feature an enjoyable one.

Here are the most important things to know about Sheep Breeding before touching down in EC:

  • Breeding Sheep has the possibility of producing Lambs.
  • Lambs can be named. You will be able to change the name of your Lamb when it's a baby or adult.
  • Lambs will require that you feed them Baby Bottles if you want them to grow into a Ram or Ewe.
  • You cannot transfer Sheep over from your original farm to the English Countryside.
  • Sheep Breeding is random, with no deterministic outcome.
  • Offspring is based on DNA of parents genetics, but is not fully predetermined.
  • Combinations of patterned sheep is in the thousands or even millions range! There are many, many possibilities for patterns and colors of offspring.
  • You do not know what a Lamb will look like when it grows up. They are mysterious like that, meaning that if you have a Grey Lamb it could grow into a Purple Star patterned Sheep.
  • Males determine Lamb patterns.
  • New breeding opportunity for farmers to specialize in such as a color or pattern.
  • When your Lamb is fully grown, you will be given Love Potions in which you can share with your farming friends via the Facebook News Feed.

Sheep UK FlagAs you can see, Sheep Breeding will be complex in FarmVille EC. Players will receive five Sheep to breed upon entering the game or fixing up the Sheep Pen. Breeding takes place on a Sheep Pen that looks largely similar to Pig Pens currently in the game, but with less mud and slop. Of course, the Pen has a "Look Inside" option that allows players to micromanage 20 of their sheep, but that number can double with an upgrade.

Breeding the Sheep is as easy as picking two Sheep and selecting "Breed." Once your Sheep produce a Lamb, you will have the option to either keep it or give it away to your friends, presumably through a News Feed post. The potential combinations for your fluffy offspring is said to be in the millions.

[Source: FarmVille Freak]

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