FarmVille English Countryside Cheats and Tips: Farming on new land

Farming in EC
We know, you've been inundated with news about the first FarmVille expansion, English Countryside (EC). But don't worry, as this information will be far more useful to you than a minute-long trailer (though, it is kind of cool). So, you've arrived in England and now it's time to begin farming, but much has changed since your days in ... wherever your original farm is located. Join us behind the break for some pointers on farming in the English Countryside.

1. Brand New Crops to Master
Of course, we all know that this new farm will have brand new crops to master, but which exactly. So far, we know of a few crops that will be exclusive to English Countryside:

  • Red Currents
  • Hops
  • Foxglove
  • Barley
  • Turnips
  • Radish
  • Pink Asters

If you hadn't already noticed, many of these new crops are normally used in brewing beers and wine making. This is because the Pub will be a brand new building in EC. While it's not 100 percent certain that we will be crafting beers and wines, I'm willing to bet on it based on these exclusive crops. Speaking of which ...

Mastery everywhere!
2. Mastery Bonuses Aplenty!
Zynga treated Mastery in FarmVille EC with a laser focus. Apparently the soil in England is much richer than wherever your original farm was, meaning that crops will be much easier to master. Just like the notifications you receive for crop bushels while harvesting crops now, pop-ups will appear notifying you of bonus Mastery points when harvesting in EC.

3. Trees can Grow Anywhere
Of course, there will be new trees to grow in EC with a brand new Orchard that can be repaired using the same materials used to build the original like Boards, Nails and Bricks. While these trees will only grow in England initially, the Mystery Seedlings they provide will appear in your Gift Box, which will be linked between both games. That said, it's your choice whether to grow that seed in England or on the old farm.

English Buildings and Vehicles
4. Repairing this Old n' Busted Farm
When you arrive in England, the farm you will come to know and love will be in tatters. It's up to you to fix these buildings and vehicles if a.) You want Sheep to breed, drinks to brew or Horses to stable, and b.) You want to help the good folks of EC. Thankfully, it's a fairly simple process: All of the buildings in EC use the same building materials as those in the original. So, start stacking up on Special Delivery Boxes--about 100 would be good to start with. Of course, your friends will be there to help as well.

5.The Market has Remained Sacred
Thankfully, Zynga has refrained from making any jarring changes to the Market in EC. This means that both games' Markets will be nearly identical. Well, except for the contents given that many FarmVille EC items are exclusive.

[Source and Final Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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