Facebook Discover New Games Sidebar: Viral games discovery returns

Discover New Games
The Facebook teams have been hard at work developing a way to bring games discovery back to Facebook since November, if not farther back than that. Finally, the fruits of their labor have surfaced with the Discover New Games sidebar, which Inside Facebook has a sneak peek of. The new sidebar module is currently in beta testing, but what it does is show you when your friends are playing a game that you've yet to install. This is essentially what we've awaited for months.

For example, say you're friends with a whole lot of CityVille players and you have yet to try it out (fat chance). A message will appear in your sidebar informing you that a number of your friends are playing CityVille along with images of their faces. Underneath, a link to the game's install page will appear. In other words, you're friends will tell you about that hot new Facebook game without doing anything--in theory.

This is the desired effect of the new sidebar module, but since it's still in beta we won't know how effective it is until it formally releases. While this won't restore the rampant viral growth that games enjoyed last year (which Facebook promptly stomped on), it will bring some of that back in a way that appears to be unobtrusive. A way to find new games that isn't going to piss off half of my friends? Where do I sign up?

[Image Credit: Inside Facebook]

Do you happen to be part of this beta test for the new Games Bar? Do you think this will be effective in bringing new games into the mix? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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