Bravo Sports Recalls Pogo Sticks After Nine Are Hurt

pogo stick
pogo stick

Bravo Sports recalled 169,000 pogo sticks after nine people were hurt. The bottom of the toy can shatter and a pin holding the spring in place can break, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

Bravo has gotten 123 complaints about the pogo sticks including one report of a child who chipped a tooth and had to get stitches for facial cuts. Other incidents include another child who chipped a tooth and a third who fell after the pogo stick broke and knocked out a tooth, CPSC said.

Included in the recall are the Rocket Stick Pogo, Pop Stick Pogo, Monster Stick Pogo and Twin Stick Pogo. Only pogo sticks with manufacturing date codes between 04/01/2010-046HE and 10/31/2010-046HE are included in the recall. The date code can be found on a white label under the foot pedal or on the pogo's stem near the foot pedals.