Zynga, Britney Spears tweet for Japan relief with more celebrities

Zynga and Britney Spears
Zynga and Britney Spears

In just 36 hours, Zynga raised $1 million in its partnership with Save the Children, and has used its mighty PR skills to spread the word. The creator of FarmVille has several promotions across six of its games, and looks to Twitter to get that number to $2 million in donations. More specifically, the company has projected a single tweet through celebrities' Twitter feeds including Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Nicki Minaj, Enrique Iglesias, John Legend, Questlove and Matisyahu. With these Twitter stars alone, the company has reached tens of millions of players and, more importantly, the uninitiated. With massive celebrity support like this, Zynga will nab $2 million in donations in no time at all.

What other celebrities have you seen tweeting on Zynga's behalf? How well do you think Zynga is handling its contributions to the Japan relief effort? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.