Olympics Tickets Go On Sale for London Games Today

Olympics tickets go on sale today, marking the 500-day countdown to the opening ceremony for the London Games that kick off on July 27, 2012.

There are 6.6 million Olympics tickets up for grabs, which hopeful sports enthusiasts can apply for via an online application before April 26.

London organizing chairman Sebastian Coe tells the Associated Press applying early does not give fans an advantage over anyone else, and urges sports fans not to rush.

In fact, it may be better to wait it out a few days: the ticketing system already had its first glitch just a few hours after tickets went on sale. Fans with Visa cards that expire before the end of August were not able to process their orders – an unfortunate malfunction since Visa is an Olympic sponsor and the company's card is the only one that can be used to purchase tickets.

The process to apply is simple: just create an account online, decide which ticket you would like to apply for, and submit your credit card along with payment. If successful, payment will be taken. In cases where demand exceeds supply a ballot will be used to choose who gets tickets.

Tickets to many sporting events start at $32, while the top seats for the men's 100-meter Track and Field final will go for $1,200.

According to the official London Olympics website, tickets for the Paralympic Games will go on sale in September 2011 and will follow a similar sales process.

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