New Celebrity Rich List: But Are They Happy?

Oprah WinfreyIf ungodly wealth makes you unhappy, as a new Gates Foundation/Boston College study found, the following celebrities must be living in a pit of despair. Parade Magazine spilled the digits on what the top showbiz types earned in 2010 and one of them isn't even alive. (That would be Michael Jackson, whose estate collected a tidy $275 million.)

No. 1 belonged to Oprah Winfrey, who hauled in $315 million and might need to stash some of it in the kitty as her OWN network tries to carve its niche. In a jolt to the too-old-to-rock-n-roll ethos, dinosaur rockers AC/DC went way beyond revival mode with $114 million in revenue. That doesn't sound like the highway to hell to us.Johnny Depp won't have to act mega-rich. He topped the marquee among Hollywood thespians with $100 million. We'd love to be Depp -- or even his accountant. Other hefty earners included Beyonce ($87 million), hubby Jay-Z ($63 million), Lady Gaga ($62 million), Sandra Bullock ($56 million), Ellen DeGeneres ($55 million), Ryan Seacrest ($51 million), Donald Trump ($50 million), Kristen Stewart ($28.5 million), Leonardo DiCaprio ($28 million) and Robert Pattinson ($27.5 million).

All of the above would qualify for the research by Boston College's Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, the cutoff being $25 million in net worth. According to the study, fame, fortune and good looks (for most of 'em) must really be a burden. Among some of the survey responses published in theThe Atlantic: One rich mom said her poor daughters' husbands will feel powerless because they won't be the real wage earners. Another parent complains that it's hard to get the kids to do chores because the family has an "almost full-time gardener." Another wrote that financial freedom produces "anxiety and hesitancy."

So many of us can be glad we're poor and obscure!

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