Man Pays $900 to Be First in Line for iPad 2, Joins Long Line of Apple Over-Spenders

How much is the first spot in line to buy an iPad 2 worth?Hazem Sayed paid $900 to college student Amanda Foote for the first spot in line to buy the new iPad 2 at Apple's flagship store in Manhattan.

But there's a special line of Apple zealots still in front of Sayed: others who shelled out logic-stretching amounts for previous Apple product launches just to be at the front of the queue.Perhaps you remember the unidentified woman who was filmed pulling up in front of a Dallas AT&T store in July 2007 and waving $16,000 of the $100,000 she intended to spend on original iPhones. She declared she would resell them on eBay. She paid $800 to first-in-line Mark Rebillet, who already had friends with him to buy the gadget anyway.

"She got the short end of the stick there, America," he tells the camera. He wasn't kidding. A store clerk informed the wealth-flaunting gal that it was only one iPhone per customer anyway.

All cashed up and nowhere to go, she ended up with the same single iPhone as Rebillet, minus eight big ones.

Joe Sabia bought Chris Bank's spot in line for $400 via Twitter to purchase the first original iPhone at the San Francisco Apple store. Bank, a 26-year-old sales consultant at the time, learned a line-scalper's lesson. Sleep-deprived from four days of living on the sidewalk, he eventually left the store unable to buy his own iPhone when his turn came around, according to Daily Finance. A complication on his previous AT&T contract prohibited Bank from re-upping without shelling out extra cash, so he declined to buy the newfangled thing. He then requested an iPad but was told it was sold out.

Then there are the repeat Apple mercenaries. Greg Packer occupies an odd place in Apple lore as a man who makes it his job to be a line-sitter. Despite camping out for several nights to grab the first original iPad in New York, Packer got bumped by blogger Richard Gutjahr because Packer forgot to reserve his iPad (Apple was accepting pre-orders and reservations), according to Cult of Mac. Packer was king of the queue for the original iPhone -- but fell short the second time.

Hey, it even happens to the pros.

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