Luggage Scanners Malfunction at Mississippi Airport

luggage scanners malfunction

Peter Clericuzio, Wikimedia Commons

A luggage scanner at Jackson-Evers International Airport malfunctioned yesterday, forcing security officials to hand-search bags and boxes flying via Delta or US Airlines out of the Mississippi – a headache for travelers during the busy spring break season.

Transportation Safety Administration workers were told to thoroughly investigate each checked item by hand. There were also random searches conducted for possible explosives, leaving some passengers to complain of security concerns and privacy violations.

"I'm very concerned because my fiance is flying,'' Al Ramirez tells a reporter for Jackson's local ABC news station. "What if somebody could get through with something that could cause danger to someone."

"Things can be missed because of human error, so it can be a bit of a concern,'' says passenger Matt Sharpe.

The airlines warned passengers to plan to spend extra time at the airport. According to an airport spokeswoman, safety procedures that normally took ten minutes were lasting up to an hour.

The machine was expected to be fixed Monday morning when a new part arrived, but the part did not work in the machine, TSA federal security director for the airport said. He assured passengers that no one was in harm's way.

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