Games For iPad: Fifty Favorites

iPad 2 is all the rage, with long lines across the country greeting customers eager to pick up Apple's newest gadget. Since gaming is such a hot activity and the iPad is one of the coolest devices to play games on, we tapped our friends at Modojo to give us a list of their favorite games for iPad.

Here are the five top iPad games you need to purchase right now to go along with that sexy tablet, and if you're a serious gamer, head over to Modojo for forty-five more top games for iPad.

Angry Birds Seasons HD [Buy it]

Don't ignore the Angry Birds phenomenon. Resistance is futile. Just embrace it and kiss your social life goodbye. This delightful strategy game challenges you to launch teams of ticked off birds towards a bunch of pigs, where the goal is to not only destroy the evil swine, but also cause massive property damage.

Flight Control HD [Buy it]

The phrase, "an oldie but a goodie" certainly applies to Firemint's outstanding strategy game that casts you as a flight controller charged with guiding planes to their respective hangars. An elegant presentation, user-friendly control scheme and catchy music make this a must play.

Infinity Blade [Buy it]

Pick up a sword and then embark upon a dangerous quest full of monsters and mayhem, where you attempt to avenge your father (and his father's father, and so on and so forth) by slaying the nefarious God King. A plethora of weapons, addictive gameplay (think Punch-Out!! with monsters) and some of the best graphics on iPad will keep you hooked for hours.

Real Racing HD [Buy it]

You'll never see Sony's Gran Turismo on the iPad and you'll never miss it, thanks to Real Racing HD. This simulation heavy racer looks phenomenal stretched across that glorious screen, with realistic graphics that pull you into each thrilling event. Beyond that, there's a 76-mission career mode, 48 real world cars, local and online multiplayer, 12 tracks, multiple camera views and more. You'll love it.

Then again, perhaps you'd rather go with the sequel, Real Racing 2 HD, which features iPad 2 specific features. [Buy it]

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD [Buy it]

If you prefer arcade style racing, Asphalt 6 delivers. Gameloft's latest entry in its respected series is pure eye candy, from the slick looking rides to the colorful courses inspired by locations around the world. In addition, it's a blast to play, with powerful nitro boosts, shortcuts and a variety of different modes that'll keep you coming back for more.

Thanks Modojo for your picks, and once you're done with these five games, click over for forty-five more Games for iPad that you need to have!
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