FrontierVille St. Patrick's Day Celebration Goals: Everything you need to know


Along with the two new missions in FrontierVille that will have you hunting Leprechauns, the game has also seen the release of a five-part mission series called "St. Patrick's Day Celebration." The first goal in this mission set asks you to harvest both Cabbage and Potatoes, so if you tackle this mission along with the first mission of the Leprechaun goals, you can actually complete a bit of this quest in the same step, saving some time.

Tend 25 Cows
Harvest 30 Cabbage
Harvest 50 Potatoes

Luckily, these Cows really do only need to be tended; you don't have to sell them. As for the cabbage, it can be harvested after 16 hours, while the potatoes take just four. Remember, if you have a lot of neighbors that have yet to visit your land, you can simply ask them to come over and water these crops, as that will count as harvesting back in your own game, and it can save you a lot of time (especially with the cabbage). Completing this mission rewards you with 50 Food, 300 coins and 50 XP.

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